Marody, Dery, and the Q5 Experience Team Get the Word Out about Business Succession Planning

John Carter, Pat Marody, and Matt Dery

On Wednesday February 16th, FAI’s own Pat Marody and Matt Dery along with John Carter, Chris Meso, Sarah Greifenberger, and John Bell participated in the annual Construction Association of Michigan “Design and Construction Expo” at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. The event brings together local businesses to highlight what they offer to the business community. The Q5 Experience, created just over a year and a half ago to help guide business owners to build transferable value in their business, had a booth inside the Expo and members of the team had an opportunity to meet and greet many folks from the construction industry.

Q5 is a collaboration between a group of business consultants that includes Financial Architects, Absolute Succession, Empowering Futures, LLC, Arbor Valuation, and T-Rex Advisory. How do you create transferable value in a company that can withstand changes in ownership and leadership? We believe that it’s never too early to strengthen
the three key elements that make any transition successful. These elements are optimizing the BUSINESS itself, as well as the FINANCIAL strategy and PERSONAL/PEOPLE interests and fulfillment of the owner and the next generation.

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