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Patrick Marody

A financial advisor since 1987, Patrick Marody joined Financial Architects in 1990. Patrick guides his clients through the macro-economic philosophies to assist them in reaching their full financial potential.  In 2019, Patrick became Executive Vice President/Shareholder of FAI.

His philosophy is to identify clear objectives with his clients. He measures their current financial situation with their desired ends to discover how alternative movements of their money may improve their net worth, reduce their risk and require no change in lifestyle.

Patrick earned a B.A. in Economics and Finance from the University of Michigan. The principles of economics and capitalism that he learned on his way to earning his degree are ever-present in the strategies that he implements for his clients.

A resident of Brighton, Patrick has three children and enjoys coaching youth hockey, where he guided his team to back-to-back state championships. He also enjoys spending time with his family at his home in northern Michigan and mentoring young male athletes to prepare them to be great fathers, co-workers and husbands.



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“Clear objectives must be identified and aligned with desired outcomes.”
– Patrick Marody