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Personal Empowerment


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At FAI, we guide our clients through a unique process that incorporates and simplifies the complexity of all their money decisions. This comprehensive process results in our clients having a strategic financial blueprint, greater financial freedom, and more free time to enjoy it.

As a result of our all-encompassing approach and our long-term relationships with our clients, we observe (and they often share with us) their personal struggles with life events such as retirement, selling a business, and the death of a spouse. To better serve and empower our clients, we began thinking outside of our financial industry "box." The result was Empowering Futures LLC. This is a strategic partnership we formed with knowledgeable professionals in behavioral neuroscience, John and Danette Bell. Together with their team, we developed personal coaching tools and programs to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Overseen by experienced coaches, the empowering futures flagship program, The LifeMethod process™ opens the eyes of our clients who overcome obstacles and blind spots to self-discover the best path for their lives this program was so successful and warmly embraced by our clients that a derivation of it now is incorporated into the financial architecture process™.   Additionally, employers have incorporated the LifeMethod process™ into their employee benefit programs

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John Bell - What is a Life Event

The LifeMethod co-founder and coach John Bell tells us what a life event is.

The LifeMethod focuses on these life events, specifically involving retirement, to help cope with the sudden disruption, change, and chaos it can cause for you.

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