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Doing things differently since 1985.

Financial Architects was founded in 1985 by a small team of professionals with a passion for predictable and peak performance. Our outlook was a little different than most: We didn’t want to build a business on a desire to sell products, but rather on a genuine passion for planning prosperity that would allow our clients to measure the efficiency of their every money decision.

Today, this outlook is carried out by our professionals as they provide our clients with a blueprint for life planning based on three uniques:

Our uniques, for the benefit of our clients



 Applying the Science of Money



A Whole-listic™ Approach — Macro over Micro



Verification over Opinion

Why Join Financial Architects?

Are you reaching your full potential as a financial advisor? Are you tired of these objections: “What fees do you charge?” “What is your commission?” “Are you cheaper than anybody else?” At FAI, we offer a fresh approach based on high-level macro planning and the opportunity to join a close-knit team. Importantly, we’re also equipping you with an established process to help you thrive as you do the same for your clients.

Financial Architect

Our in-house resources fully support advisors who choose to focus exclusively on building an exceptional personal practice.

As a full-time advisor you will help clients coordinate their strategy to work toward their long-term financial goals. You should be comfortable creating a financial blueprint and have the skills to help bring clarity to the complex money decisions that people face.

The Financial Architect role is ideal for advisors whose expertise lies in asset management, or who wish to be in the RIA space.

FAI Affiliate & Affiliate Plus

As an FAI Affliate, you’ll partner with Financial Architects to serve your business -owner clients with both our innovative planning process access to the Q5 Experience, our business succession planning arm. It’s a given that your current clients will eventually exit their businesses. The question is—will you be a part of that conversation?

Become your clients’ most trusted advisor with Q5.


Financial Architect (Advisor)


Cultivate a successful financial advisory practice with access to a first-in-class in-house support system


  • Life and health
  • Registered Investment Advisor


  • Access to a holistic planning process.
  • Access to AUM and RIA
  • Substantial access as a trusted advisor and a deeper dive.
  • Access to business owners by using Financial Architecture and the Q5 Experience.

FAI Affiliate


Align with the Financial Architects team to become a hero to your clients. Set yourself apart from the competition.


  • Access to the Financial Architecture Process
  • Business Succession Planning with the Q5 Experience
  • Means to attract business owners and means to help your own business-owner clients.


FAI Affiliate Plus

Outside Advisor with affiliate status who also partners with FAl in a strategic alliance with our product manufacturers.

Your Future

Are you building your practice for somebody else, or are you building it for yourself?


We can help you maximize your enterprise value. Our group is growing, and looking for advisors like you. It all starts with a simple conversation.


Let’s talk.

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