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What does your financial life look like after you exit your business? How will the transition be financially structured and what involvement should you, the founder, have moving forward? Wealth planning for this inevitable life event ideally starts years before the actual transition in order to identify a worthy successor and to prepare the company and its employees for the pending transfer of ownership. 

We understand that an entrepreneur’s identities are interwoven with their business. Letting go, financially and emotionally, can be a struggle. Compound that with knowing when to let go and indecision seems to be the best decision. This is why Financial Architects is part of the Q5 Experience. Q5 addresses three key elements that help make a business transfer successful. In addition to optimizing the BUSINESS itself, the FINANCIAL strategy and PERSONAL interests and fulfillment of the owner and the next generation are equally as important. 


Coordinate financial strategy with next stage

Business Transition and Succession

By having an exit plan, and starting well before one is needed, the Outrapreneur ™ can properly prepare for the transition without walking out the door one day and not coming back the next. Every strong, confident entrepreneur needs some direction at the macro level. These financial decisions are far too important to go it alone. Financial Architects provides the consulting experience for business owners to structure the sale of their company as well as navigating the coming financial and tax responsibilities. 

It’s a harrowing life event for any entrepreneur, but Financial Architects and its strategic partners have guided many business owners through one of the largest business decisions they’ll ever make. 

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