Build Wealth

Our approach is quite different than that of our peers. Then again, so are our outcomes.

Reduce Risk

Wealth-building strategies designed to help protect your future from unnecessary risk.

Maintain Lifestyle

You don’t need to save more month-to-month…you need to save smarter.

Plan for tomorrow.  Account for today.

At Financial Architects, we plan with the future in mind… yours.  But we also account for today, developing a strategic road map for your unique tomorrow with the understanding that any program we design must perform better today, tomorrow, and at retirement.

Regardless of any product we offer, or any individual’s unique path, our strategies are custom-engineered to help build wealth and minimize risk – all while allowing you to maintain your existing lifestyle.  We work closely with each client to provide a blueprint for life planning, based on precision, verifiable metrics and deep-rooted principles.


Succession Success Podcast Episode 18

How can employees be a part of the owner’s succession plan? We discuss it with Lazear Capital’s own Jeremy Garrett and Jeff Jamerino.  They specialize in sell-side transactions with a focus on Employee…

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Another Successful Passion For Life Walk!

On March 25th in Walled Lake, FAI was well represented at the 16th annual Passion For Life 5K Run/Walk. Cold and rain didn’t stop our team from walking and helping…

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Empowering Financial Freedom

Yours.  That is what we stand for at Financial Architects.

You.  That is who we stand for.

Everything we do is intended to improve your present plan and make progress towards your wealth and retirement income potential.

Our Team

Lincoln Yaldoo

Lincoln Yaldoo has joined the Financial Architects team as a Financial Designer. His duties include assisting advisors with existing client relationships and helping to manage portfolios. Lincoln has a passion…

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Stacy Grzelak

Stacy Grzelak joined the Financial Architects team in 2022 and serves as the firm’s Investment Project Coordinator.  Prior to joining Financial Architects, Stacy worked at both General Motors and Ford…

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Armand Cartwright

Armand Cartwright joined the Support Team as a Client Relations Coordinator in May of 2022 coming over from United Wholesale Mortgage. Armand has always wanted to mix client services with…

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Carson Mamo

Carson Mamo serves as the Client Relationship Coordinator (CRC) for advisor Mike Kucera at Financial Architects, Inc. He manages client requests, meetings, account paperwork and more.   Carson has been…

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Colleen Bouton

Colleen Bouton joined Financial Architects, Inc in March, 2020 as the Front Desk Coordinator.  Recently, she has taken on a new role as the firm’s Culture and Engagement Coordinator.  She…

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Matt Dery

Matt Dery joined Financial Architects, Inc in 2019 as Communications, Marketing, and Business Development Director.  Part of his role involves activities centered around business growth and outreach, in order to…

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Sherry Hanford

“Change is inevitable and being prepared is the key.  I enjoy helping people prepare for their financial future every day!”

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Chavez Vincent

Chavez Vincent, MBA, RICP® is driven to assist clients in realizing their true financial potential by partnering with them to develop a strategic plan.  By working as part of the…

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Clifford Robison

“A winning strategy includes the ability to understand human nature when we pair the degree of risk within the investment with the stamina for risk of the client.”

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Christopher Besonen

“I’m passionate about doing the right things, the right way.”

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Gina Wells

Gina Wells, CLU, ChFC, is an advisor with more than 20 years of experience in the estate and financial service industry. Her focus is on the client, and what each…

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Thomas Howe

“My goal is to enhance your lifestyle and help you build additional savings for retirement.”

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Asalyn Coachman

“Financial planning begins with a clear understanding of why a decision is being made, followed by measuring the efficiency of the decision.”

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Christopher Cousins

“In planning for retirement, clarity fosters security, and security brings ultimate happiness.”

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Jan Winters

“The best part of a ‘people business’ such as this, are the people!”

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Janice Reynolds

“I love greeting clients with a smile, and seeing the smiles on their faces as they leave a meeting here.”

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Kristi Laporte

“We strive to exceed client expectations and provide unsurpassed valued everyday. The integrity of our team is evident in everything that we do because clients are everything to us.”

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Mike Kucera

“I have a passion for helping my clients feel less worry, anxiety and stress as a result of our relationship.”

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Patrick Marody

“Clear objectives must be identified and aligned with desired outcomes.”

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Turner Thompson

“Building wealth and minimizing risk have been my passion for more than 40 years.”

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