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Clifford Robison


Clifford Robison has been a study of economics, psychology and financial markets since 1987. He graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in Finance and began working to help others as a financial advisor in 1997. After 2 additional years of graduate level classes, Cliff became a CFP designee and after an additional 2 years of graduate level classes, Cliff became a CPWA designee by 2016.

Clifford focuses on building his client’s wealth with the help of tax-managed investment strategies.

Cliff focuses on protecting his client’s wealth by with newly developed investments and strategies, which he has led the development of.

“We have found that minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency are important when investing in the markets but those factors do not create a winning strategy unless they are coupled with a deep understanding of the person we are working to help.

The need for investors (as with any other group of people) to understand what their money is doing through direct and recurring communication is essential. When I follow up with clients, we review realistic expectations of the investment performance in good times, in bad times and the adjustments that will be made to take advantage of both opportunities. I listen, and when my clients are comfortable with the investment strategy, I know we have a winning combination.”

Cliff’s tools of choice are strategic models dynamically managed for the market’s seasonal anomalies and historical probabilities given investor sentiment.

He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, a member of the Investment Management Consultants Association and has been an active board member of numerous organizations.

While working to make a positive impact in the lives of those around him; Cliff enjoys playing sports, traveling and learning about health & fitness.

Clifford resides in Novi, just minutes from the office.


"A winning strategy includes the ability to understand human nature when we pair the degree of risk within the investment with the stamina for risk of the client."
- Clifford Robison