Estate Planning

A plan is nothing
without an architect.

Financial Architects, Inc. does not practice law—but we are financial architects. Much as you would use an architect in the design process of building a home, we will help design a process flow that will utilize tools such as a Will and Revocable Living Trust, patient advocate forms, buy-sell agreements, and more.

You will then be able to work with legal counsel to build a plan that is designed around macro-level planning principles. Either through your own counsel or attorneys we partner with and refer, we will team up with experienced legal counsel to bring coordination between these important documents and the overarching plan itself.

We understand that you are not only planning for your future, but for the futures of your families and businesses. Taking the necessary steps now not only preserves the wealth you have accumulated over the years, but also reduces the amount of unnecessary confusion, pain and time that would be required in dealing with these issues after you pass away.


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