Asset Management

Our principles are principal.

Asset management tools, products, techniques and methods may change or come and go over time, but principles never do.

We focus not simply on the amount of wealth one can build, but the flexibility and benefits one can derive from that wealth when it is truly needed.

It is our belief that the idea of Financial Architecture specifies that a framework is leveraged to allow for the most efficient financial decisions to be made over a lifetime. No where is this principled approach needed more than in the area of Asset Management. Staying true to time tested investment ideas, rather than being controlled by emotions – our team is committed to this idea.

Portfolio assets, whether they are in retirement accounts or after tax accounts, should be viewed in the context of an overall financial strategy. This allows for a more impactful view of how to allocate the assets, how to maximize the use of the money, how to minimize the loss of wealth to unnecessary taxation, and finally how to pass along assets in the most efficient manner to those our clients care about most.

Asset management – one of the engines behind the power of The Financial Architecture Experience ™