FAI Inclusion Statement

The events of the last several weeks have caused us all to pause and consider the way we treat each other in this country. At Financial Architects, we deplore the acts that have taken the lives of fellow Americans and the systemic issues that allowed this to occur. The issues we face as a country are complicated and require conversations that might make us uncomfortable, but we must not shy away. Stark images are opening new dialogues which can be the impetus for change.

We must be willing to seek first to understand each other, while we engage in thoughtful and respectful dialogue. At Financial Architects we take on the financial challenges of our clients every day, coming from different perspectives, we work to find solutions in the spirit of collaboration. As our country grapples with the issues these recent events have brought to light, our firm will not shy away from the conversation. We will continue to collaborate, to celebrate our differences, and to continue to be an environment of respect and inclusion for our colleagues, friends, and clients.

God, please bless America!

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