FAI Clients Driving Their Dreams!

Andy and Margaret Jacobson spotted this pretty 2002 T-Bird while driving down M-59 on a recent trip to Michigan to attend their grandson Aidan’s high school graduation.  It looked like brand new with an immaculate interior and exterior.  The next morning they took it for a test drive and made the purchase.  It ran perfectly on their way back home to Washington.

Andy said “The cars are becoming rarer as time goes on, they were only built for 5 years and I feel that they will be quite “collectible” in the near future. We plan to enjoy it for 5 years or so and then make a decision as to sell it or keep it. Either way I think it’s a fun investment that one can enjoy now.”

car 1


car 2


Jim and Karen Demmith have a track record of maintaining long relationships.  They have been married for 44 years. They have been clients of Financial Architects for more than 10 years.  Jim retired from Ford after 32.5 years.  At retirement he was a powertrain development supervisor.

They recently purchased a 2014 Shelby Cobra Mustang, a beast that is certified at 662HP.  This 6 speed convertible will join the other cars in his collection including the 62 Merc S55 convertible they still have from their wedding day 44 years ago! 

shelby 008 (2) (2)shelby 016 (2) (2)


Jim told us that he had the best job in the world saying “I can’t believe they pay me to do this job- basically driving and evaluating prototype and production vehicles to insure that they meet the customer expectations for all powertrain functional qualities including yes -the sweet rumble of a performance exhaust”.

On The Shelby Cobra Jim states “Ford should not sell these cars to just anyone with money. Although in reality it would be impractical, the purchase experience should include some sort of self-control awareness screening. I would recommend minimum credentials of at least a masters in self-control (i.e. being easily capable of making the decision to not  run  the brand X  that just pulled up next to you) “vs” self-control 101 (just run him till you’ve beat him good around 70mph or so)”

Jim and Karen Demmith.  Great people.  Great clients.  Great cars! 


shelby 017 (2) (2)

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