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30th Anniversary

Financial Architects, Inc. 30th Anniversary!


You, the client, have always been the reason we exist. You have a capacity and potential for wealth building and retirement income and we exist to help you make progress towards that potential. As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of serving you, we wanted to have some fun with a historical perspective.

The year was 1985.


So, in 1985, Turner Thompson and I launched Financial Architects, Inc. Back in 1976 I entered the financial services business and Turner began his role as my mentor. As we reflect back on all these years, we realize what a great time it was to launch Financial Architects because there were a number of transitional events occurring, such as: Boomers were hitting their career and income stride and their families were blossoming, inflation was in great shape, interest rates were declining, and finally the Dow Jones Industrials delivered a 27% return which launched a 15 year run that ended in 1999 and averaged over 16%!



Serving you, the ideal client, toward that end is our passion.

Our objective?


As your planning firm, we have intentionally built our team to align with these objectives. Our multi-generational team, equipped with their own unique abilities, allow you to have a team of advisors and support dedicated to your long term results. These results will have a significant impact for you, your children, your grandchildren, and your charitable endeavors. We are dedicated to your today and your tomorrow. And, tomorrow always comes. Now, on to our next 30 years.



At Financial Architects, we find ourselves at an important time in our journey as an organization. We reflect back on a 30 year history with appreciation and reverence. At the same time, we look to the future with anticipation for what lies ahead. We exist to serve our clients and their future generations.
A lot has happened in the financial industry since our founding. The rate of change is expanding exponentially with the assistance of technology. Today, the almost unlimited access to information is leading to a lack of clarity when it comes to making financial decisions. These truths occupy our thoughts as our Leadership Team discusses how to direct Financial Architects as an organization into the future. As we move forward, we are deeply rooted in our history while at the same time being committed to a successful future for clients and their families. The key to the future lies in our evolving culture and our ability to help clients think clearly when it comes to their finances.



The culture at Financial Architects is one where we value people through respect and integrity. We place a high priority on serving not only our clients, but our support team and advisory team. Over time, our team has developed into a diverse group of talented people that gives our organization confidence in navigating through a changing environment. We can link together the wisdom of the past with a fresh perspective of the future through the eyes of our younger generations. This commitment to the long-term is reflected in our culture and people. We value this culture and it is our foundation. It is who we are.



We are committed to navigating clients through the inevitable changes in their financial lives within a world of ever-changing circumstances. By using clear thinking, we can stay true to financial strategies founded securely in economic principles. If we have learned anything in the past 30 years, it is that change is always happening and that it can be scary at times. But, because principles and strategy are the focus, change can be adapted to more easily. This allows for change to be more of an opportunity than something to fear. Confidence and clarity, we believe, are critical for the future of Financial Architects and those we serve. They allow us to remain focused on being that solid foundation for our clients so they may have increased confidence in their own future.’



You, our client will continue to be the reason we exist. And while these past 30 years have established an architecturally sound foundation for delivering exceptional values with a team that included Patrick Marody, Jim Linenger, Chris Cousins, Kristi Laporte, Cort Otterbein, Mike Kucera, Melissa Scheib and Pat Smith in addition to Turner and Ken ………… it is the future that we embrace.

Patrick Marody and Chris Cousins join Ken Grace as the Executive Team at Financial Architects. Kim Keith, Kristi Laporte and Melissa Scheib make up our Management Team. Together these six comprise the Leadership Team of your planning firm as we create the narrative for the next 30 years with you.

Legacy: Your planning firm deploys principals of sound architectural design and economics to help secure your future. Tomorrow Always Comes. We will be there for you and with you.


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