Matthew Love

"There is more opportunity in minimizing loss, rather than chasing a rate of return."
- Matthew Love

With formal training as an Architect, Matthew brings a unique ability and method to the Financial Architects team.  It is not irony that the firm is called Financial Architects, Inc., in fact it is very strategic.  Just as an architect designs buildings using principles, wealth building strategies should also follow principles.  Principles do not change with the economy, they do not change with taxation, and they do not change with net worth.  The purpose of principles is to make sure a plan is reached under any circumstance.

Matthew studied architecture at Lawrence Technological University and received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture as well as a Masters of Architecture with a concentration in Urban Design.   Matthew’s decision to work in the financial industry was guided by his strong background in macro planning. Matthew’s ability to see the big picture is crucial when understanding a financial plan and his analytical approach is accompanied by a creative solution process.  Joining Financial Architects in 2013, Matthew is a third generation planner in his family.  Matthew has already received numerous industry awards including VIP of the Year by Ohio National Financial Services.   In his spare time Matthew enjoys water sports, boating, triathlons, and snowboarding as much as possible.

Matthew Love is not affiliated with the O.N. Equity Sales Company or O.N. Investment Management Company.