Ken Grace

Grace 248.482.3600
“Making a real difference in people’s lives is a blast. It’s also very humbling. And it’s a privilege I cherish every day.” – Ken Grace

Ken Grace formed Financial Architects in 1985 as an independent firm dedicated to creating long-term client relationships. His philosophy has been to attract clients who are wise and knowledgeable enough to understand what they need to do financially, but who lack the time and energy to do it effectively.

Since entering the financial services industry in 1976, Ken’s focus has been on helping clients grow their net worth while reducing their overall risk. To achieve this goal, he applies his considerable expertise at planning at a macro level—the “big picture.”

Ken is an active member of The Lakes Community Church in Walled Lake, MI and serves on several advisory boards for large national companies.

He resides in West Bloomfield with his wife Jane. They have four children and six grandchildren. Ken and his family spend quality time year-round in Northern Michigan boating, snowmobiling, hunting and fishing.