Joanne Giardini-Russell

“Our focus is not based on any “thing or product” but based on economics. Our clients are interactive throughout the process and they really learn to control their personal economies.”
-Joanne Giardini-Russell

Is your intent to create more wealth OR to create the ability to spend and enjoy more wealth?  Those are two very different ways of living.  Joanne teaches families and business owners how to do just that if and when appropriate to that family and/or business owner.   Her focus is helping them to understand the value of truly understanding and being in control of their financial situations and how money works. “You can be a financial success with proactive positioning” says Joanne.  

Joanne graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, and found her path to insurance through her first position in the medical malpractice industry.  With property and casualty and life and health licenses, she was drawn to Financial Architects in 2010 because of their foundational belief in the protection components of a client’s world. She collaborates with many of the team’s advisors and her clients get top notch attention in the many areas of wealth, as a result.

Joanne lives with her husband and five children in Howell, MI.  She has written a book called “Women and Legacy: It’s More Than You Might Think” which is based on client stories and a woman’s view of legacy as it pertains to their financial life.  Feel free to call or schedule a visit with Joanne at